8 Things We Need To Know About Loving Jesus

How do I know that I love Jesus?

Because it’s not perfect. That’s right, my love for Jesus is messy.

As humans, perfect love is not possible. We have all experienced a lack of perfection on the giving and receiving end. Ironically it’s because of our inability to give perfect love that we need it from the only one who can give it: Jesus.

My love for Jesus is messy

The church world often makes us feel like it is wrong to admit struggles when it comes to loving Jesus. But reality is imperfection and that is nothing to be ashamed of. The acceptance of our shortcomings is what lets us experience His unconditional love. If we judge ourselves based on a perfect standard, we will either live in constant defeat or keep a safe distance from a real relationship with Jesus so we don’t have to face falling short.

The acceptance of our shortcomings is what lets us experience His unconditional love

Sometimes I question His character. I get angry. I doubt His faithfulness. I get scared to trust Him. Everything that comes along with love as we know it applies to my love with Jesus from my end. That is the beauty of it. All of my insecurities and struggles stem from what I can see through my small window of perception, which is thankfully not the full picture.

8 Things We Need To Know About Loving Jesus:

  1. We don’t deserve His love and that is supposed to be a gift not a stressor
  2. He does not expect our love to be perfect like His love is
  3. His love for us does not depend on our love for Him
  4. Just like any other [true] love, loving Jesus involves a choice
  5. We don’t have to create love for Him in our own hearts. He does that when we choose to let Him
  6. Falling in love with Jesus starts with recognizing and accepting His love for us
  7. Focusing on His love instead of efforts to give our own allows us to see the beauty in it
  8. When we truly experience His love it’s impossible not to love Him back

Jesus is okay with a messy love. He can handle humanity. He created it fully intending to be the solution to all of the gaps it cannot fill.

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

Song: Broken Vessels (Hillsong)

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