Who Is Becca?


I’m sassy, I love controversial topics, and I’m not afraid to talk about things that look prettier when they’re hidden. But mostly I just love Jesus. Enter at your own risk.


Who am I? Just because you’re special, I’ll give you the raw answer I gave myself when I sat down to right this. No filter, just thoughts as they come. Buckle up, and welcome to your first ride through the roller coaster that is my brain.

This Is Me

Surface level summary, easy: Lover of my dogs, cheese & Jesus (not in that order…usually). Queen of taking jokes “too far”. My texts reflect my thought processes which means they are sporadic, random, jumbled, 100 mph, and drive my friends and family crazy. My brain and my mouth don’t always move in sync, we’re not really sure which one is faster. My 70 pound Pit Bull kids are unashamedly two of my best friends, alongside my 4 sisters and awesome parents.

Deeper? Life-changing events and moments from the past flooded my brain. A rush of emotions and memories, some incredible and others incredibly painful, each with their own contribution to the Becca I am today. Who is she?  The next wave that crashed over my brain on this hot day was who other people would say I am. Ehm…well, it depends on who you ask. If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you I’m great. If you ask anyone who has ever dated or hurt one of my sisters or my best friends…I should probably be in jail. The people I hung out with in college? Let’s just say I wouldn’t volunteer any of them as a reference unless it’s for best keg stand.

I went back and forth with where to start. Do I share my whole testimony? Is my testimony all of the bad things I have gone through or done, and how God has moved through all of it? If so, is it just the things I have been freed from or does it include the things I still struggle with on a daily basis? Am I supposed share basic informative things like what I majored in or what I do for fun?

In the middle of my trip down this ADD-lined highway, I felt God whisper softly through the noise in my head,

“You are mine” 

…That’s it? Boring. That seems kind-of plain to use for what I would prefer to be an intriguing blog post…

“Yes, that’s it” He said. “Your identity is a very simple thing. You are mine.” 

So, that is my introduction. My name is Becca, and I am a child of God. My identity is not what has happened to me, what I have done, what I have learned or what I have yet to learn.

My identity is that I belong to the King of the Universe.

I am saved, I am redeemed, and I am loved.

I’m also quirky and I laugh at everything even if it’s not funny. Sometimes I snort. I have a few tattoos [if that offends you, this probably isn’t the right blog to read]. While I’m offending people, I went to Clemson and I’m a HUGE fan. My favorite pastime is writing, and one of the awesome ways I get to do that is through NewSpring‘s Central Writing Team. I have awesome friends and a huge heart for teenage girls and women who are hurting.

The road that has brought me to where I am today is a long, winding one filled with lots of excitement and it’s by no means over. I would love to show you what that journey has looked like and where it is taking me now, every day is a new adventure. I’ll give you a heads up- it’s full of potholes and sharp turns, sudden stops and scary looking creatures, but it is also full of breathtaking views, freedom and beauty unlike anything I could create for myself. Oh, and laughs…mostly at myself, which I’m totally cool with so don’t feel bad joining in. God has a sense of humor, that is for sure.

There are many things that have shaped and molded me into the Becca that I am today, but they do not make up my identity, nor can they change it. I am a daughter of the King, now and forever.

You can read more about my journey and what ;Redeemed stands for here: ;Redeemed

Nice to meet you!


 koda lol


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2 thoughts on “Who Is Becca?

  1. My dear sweet girl, you have spoken such simple truth and have ministered to my heart this morning! “You are mine”. I’ll remember that all day, and hopefully I won’t forget it tomorrow!! Love and blessings to you always, Becca!!!!


    1. you are SO sweet and encouraging Ms. Joanne!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. Ah yes, please don’t forget it…you are wonderful and I miss seeing your smiling, joyful self 🙂


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