Breaking God’s Promises

“Your promises I cannot break” – Lauren Daigle (“Loyal”) How about that for a relieving concept? I often find myself discouraged and nervous when I mess up because deep down I fear that I have lost the privilege of God’s promises. I know He promises to turn everything into good, but there’s no way He isn’t fed…… Continue reading Breaking God’s Promises

A Security Blanket That Causes Insecurity

I sat in my counselor’s office and stared at her blankly as she asked me again to talk about things we had talked about many times before. Usually I didn’t have a problem talking about them. In fact, I really didn’t feel anything most of the time, so it was fairly easy to discuss what I…… Continue reading A Security Blanket That Causes Insecurity

What Is Your Calling?

A question that can sometimes spark confusion or fear. It can be overwhelming to try and figure out what our calling in life is – what our purpose is supposed to be and if it’s bigger than what we are doing now. Do you know what your calling is? I have a better question -…… Continue reading What Is Your Calling?

The Single Disease

“How’s your love life?” What a great question… Said no single person ever. I mean come on, it’s awkward enough to answer when you are in a relationship. You might as well just add a slap in the face if you’re single. Translation: How many dates have you not been on? How many people don’t want you? If the only…… Continue reading The Single Disease

Are You Walking Backwards?

“Here we go again…right back where I started. Maybe worse. How did I even get here? I should have expected it. This always happens. I thought I had a better relationship with God than this. I’m just as sinful as I always have been…I haven’t changed. I’m never going to get there.”  My thoughts frequently…… Continue reading Are You Walking Backwards?

How To Fight Your Biggest Fears

Fear. We have all felt it. It comes in many shapes and sizes, dressed in suits tailored to the events our individual lives hold. There is fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. The hardest type of fear to combat, in my opinion, is fear that is supported by tangible experiences.…… Continue reading How To Fight Your Biggest Fears

Why I Believe In Jesus

Why Jesus? A fair question, and one that I believe should be asked by anyone investigating this concept called Christianity, or religion in general. Let me come right out and say that I do not like the term religion. Controversial, maybe, but I do not consider myself “religious”. The phrase “she’s religious” makes me cringe. I consider…… Continue reading Why I Believe In Jesus