Break Free From Insecurity – 5 Steps

We have all been there. Changing outfits 10 times before finally rushing out the door only because we’re late, not because we look good. Walking away from a conversation and realizing we have no idea what the other person said because we were too focused on what they were thinking about us the whole time.…… Continue reading Break Free From Insecurity – 5 Steps

Justin Bieber…Life Change?

Some of the latest media drama is starring Justin Bieber, Hillsong Church leaders Joel Houston and Carl Lentz, and City Church Pastor Judah Smith. The hype about the men and their friendship with/mentorship of our teenage dream pop star is, well, a lot. The things I have read and heard about this situation have blown…… Continue reading Justin Bieber…Life Change?

“Father”, Not Just a Title

I grew up hearing the phrase “God the Father”, but my understanding of the concept brought fear instead of the comfort it was “supposed” to bring. One of my biggest struggles still today is slipping into a perspective that God is a distant power figure who watches my every move with retaliation punishment in hand. If…… Continue reading “Father”, Not Just a Title

If God Is So Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

The question that everyone ponders, however silently, at one point or another. It is especially prevalent right now, in a time where tragedy and heartbreak seem to be at an all-time high. Every time I turn on the News I think “God, WHY?” The simple answer is, we don’t know “why”. However, the crucial misunderstanding here is that…… Continue reading If God Is So Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?


Suicide. A word that is often part of a joke or casual conversation. To many, it is a distant concept. To me though, and to others who have attempted suicide or otherwise been impacted by it, the reality is not so distant. I tried to end my life several times, but God intervened. One of…… Continue reading Suicide